As none of you know, my birthday was last Friday. As such I took the ENTIRE weekend off and spent it playing video games with my friends and having dinner with my parents. Today I’m back to work, programming away to achieve my hopes and dreams. I’ve had a lack of visual proof of anything lately and I know that makes this boring. Today I decided to work with mp3 files. I want to be able to create an mp3 player that you can have a repository of mp3’s to play through. So I’ve been trying to figure out how to read the artist, title, album data from the files. I was able to do that using Beaglebuddy Software and it worked quite well. Capture


The next step of the process is to make a GUI that displays all the data from the mp3’s in a certain folder. Then I should be able to loop through the mp3’s to play them.

Artificial Intelligence is here!

What kind of artificial intelligence you ask. The kind straight from science fiction! I have been slaving away for the past two weeks tweaking and perfecting the perfect A.I.. It came as no surprise to me that I was able to do something no one else has done before, after all my parents have always told me I am special. So you may be asking yourself, what does this A.I. do. Here are the key features.

  • It can see into the future! (In case you’re wondering the Cubs will never win the World Series before mankind destroys itself)
  • Match Maker – It has already worked out the perfect match for every person on the planet! (Sorry Jennifer from Tennessee, the ratio of Men to Women on the planet just doesn’t accommodate for you. On the bright side you do win the state lottery worth 200 million dollars and then promptly lose the ticket)
  • Written and verbal bullshit detector – It can tell when someone is bullshitting you. (This A.I. isn’t messing around and neither am I)
  • And so so much more.

Interested in what the future has in store for you? Click the link below to find out your future.




J2EE, Servlets & JSP

I’ve come a long way in the past three days. I’m now 500 pages deep into one of several books covering J2EE that I have been parsing through. I think after reading it from multiple sources I totally understand the file structure and MVC principles. I don’t have any more projects coming out just yet but stay tuned. I’m working on adding a web component to the Library Manager that would allow someone to check into their account through an online portal.

Nothing to see here

But seriously there is nothing to see here. I’m working on learning J2EE so I’ve been reading a book all day and doing menial tutorials. Here’s the code for chapter 2 ->

It’s just a dynamic web project that takes input from a dropdown box and uses a scriplet to process the input and output a different page based on the results. Hopefully I’ll have more in the coming days but it looks like I’ll be reading quite heavily for the next few days/week.

Cheers everyone!

Uhhh… Now what do I work on?

I finished the Library Manager yesterday. If you like to look at code it’s here->

I spent a good part of the morning pondering what to work on next. I know I need to develop my skills but there are SO MANY ways you can go with programming. I’ve been applying to jobs and noticed a lot of them were looking for J2EE. I’ve never worked with it before but alas, there is a YouTube tutorial for that. Arthur Vin has put together a superbly detailed installation and guided tutorial that I’m still working through. ->
It’s a 19 part series and I’m only on part 8 but I feel good about it. This is just the beginning and I plan to look into some books and perhaps some online courses if I can find them.

The only way to get better and learn more is to put in the time and my friends that is what I’m doing. Grad school is taking a back burner for the moment. I think learning and putting my time into programming is the correct way to go. I have plenty of undergrad Computer Science courses under my belt and have a solid understanding of the core principles. Now it’s time to put the principles into practice and write useful, quality programs. My objective… Get a job doing what I should have been doing for years now.

Calling all Librarians

I was able to get most of the functionality of the library management system working yesterday. I’m making a few assumptions with the program as far as input goes for checking in and out books. I don’t check the validity of a users ID or the book ID because we would scan these in using bar codes. It’s a very similar process that the Indianapolis public library uses. You would scan your library card and then scan each book to check them out. It’s not that I can’t program the checks it’s just that I would rather spend my time on something I don’t already know how to do.The functionality of the program is 80% there. Every screen is working except the report page, which I will finish up hopefully today.

Yesterday I received an email about a new programming assignment midday so I switched over to complete that instead. I would post the project but I’m not sure about the “legality” of doing so before the assignment is due. The assignment was to write a program that would use a binary search tree to order words in a paragraph alphabetically. No word should be longer than 10 characters and if it is just use the first 10. Also there is punctuation in the paragraph that should not be part of any word. This was easy to check for because there was only periods and commas. So for any word just check the last char to see if it is a punctuation mark and if it is trim the string. There may also be multiples of each word and if there are the line that they appear on should be output. If my explanation doesn’t make sense the problem statement can be found here

-> assignment 2

updated library files can be found here ->


Given this sample file.

civilization of science.

science is knowledge.

knowledge is our destiny.



The output would look like this

civilizati 1

destiny 3

is 2 3

knowledge 2 3

of 1

our 3

science 1 2


Books on books on books

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on the layout and design of the Library Account program. I was able to get all the UI’s made except the report page because I’m not 100% sure what it will contain. I also set up the database for the project and even got the add account section working.

Today I’m going to focus on finishing validation of the add account page. As well as setup the add book section and if there is time I will work on the reports page.


Once again this is hosted on github.  –
Here are some screenshots of the progress.



This is the home page


Add account page

Add account page


Add a book to the library

Add a book to the library


Check in Book

Check in Book

Check out a book

Check out a book


Quick Post JDBC

I had a meeting for a potential job this past Friday and have been heavily distracted lately. I haven’t posted in 3 days but I did some small time html work over the weekend on my Uncle’s diamond buying website. Today I’m dedicating my time to working with databases. I have worked with them before but never connected to one with Java. Since nearly everything is stored in a database now I figured I should probably work on it. So I did and it’s super easy to do. Here is just a quick program to connect to a local database. It doesn’t do anything fancy but adding more features is trivial. I’m actually going to revisit a library record keeping system I made that used a file system to store information and update it to use a database I created.

Here is today’s database code.

It just prints the last names of every actor in the actor table

Down with the sickness

Alright! After a fun and enjoyable weekend visiting my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin this weekend I came down with a cold. So I was unable to code since last Friday and yesterday I started work on a top secret project and today that project continues. I essentially lost 4 days of coding but I’m back on the horse and ready to output some quality work. So here goes nothing.

I’m going to upload the Peru Amateur Circus WordPress template for anyone that is interested. It can be found here.